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Field Erect Treatment Plants

Field Erect plants are created by setting modular panels on a Pro-Water specified concrete pad with encased steel beams.  The panels are welded in place by field crews creating the geometry of the plant.  Field erected plants offer advantages of increased capacity in a compact space and easy expansions using common walls.Pro-Water Field Erect plants are unique to the rest of the industry. With custom lengths and widths and increased height up to 14-feet, more wastewater can be treated in a smaller area reducing the foot-print of the overall plant.  The FE plants have the capability to treat wastewater with influent flows ranging from 50,000 gallons per day to 500,000 gallons per day.

  • On-Site Construction
  • Modular Panel Design
  • Site-Adaptability
  • Activated Sludge Treatment Process
  • Flows from 50,000 Gallons per Day to 500,000 Gallons per Day
  • Single Train or Dual Train

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